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'Never Judge someone, till you have read their diary' 'OUT OF THE MADNESS' The Online Diary Of Angel Paris-Jordan We are pleased to announce a new direction for The Official Online presence of Ms Angel Paris-Jordan. Bemused at her strange portrayal as Britain's youngest Transsexual (Angel is not transsexual) and often inaccurate reporting ; Angel invites you into her world for the truth. "Never judge someone til' you've read their diary" Read HERstory So Far: The Biography Click here to read her latest diary entry Angel I love you all for all your love and support x Friends of Angel MERMAIDS "They do amazing work, I love them, they help so many children in need ; please support them. The work they do they don't seek praise for. Please support them. Angel is spokesperson for www.sarconline.co.uk, say NO to animal testing. Visit SarcOnline and join Angel in some of the wondersful work they do. www.sarconline.co.uk MIND is a mental health charity which Angel supports, please take a moment to look around you and see the suffering that is all around us www.mind.org.uk
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